Why you playing games?

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If you tell me to “go deeper” and my pelvis already touching you… U just rude as hell

You know good n well I dun ran outta dick

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When you almost drop your phone but your headphones save it…


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  • Bae: babe come over
  • Me: I just put my bagel bites in the oven
  • Bae: my parents aren't home
  • Me: I literally just put them in the oven
“can i come in?”
— someone who’s already coming in my room (via insta-gramcracker)

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“Bitch who asked you ?”
— A bitch who didn’t ask you  (via menstruate)

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Hey! I am doing a giveaway mainly to promote my Etsy, and also for fun to say thank you to all my lovely followers for making my experience on tumblr such a pleasant one. 

This give away includes:

  • Two handmade dream catchers, one made with leather and sinew, the other with a peace sign in the middle. Both are made to order available for purchase on my Etsy
  • pink hippie glasses
  • sun and stars incense burner
  • lavender incense
  • peace sign hackey sack
  • a pocket book of the “Teachings of The Buddha”
  • Free People tote bag

Reblog and follow me to enter, reblogging more than once will give you a greater chance to win!  Make sure to check out my Etsy at etsy.com/shop/dreamly

Giveaway ends on April 25th, the winner will be announced on April 26th, based on a random drawing. 

Thank you all so much! <3 


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When someone with stank ass breath talks to you really close

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*tips fedora at mosquito* m’laria

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my dash did a th-

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